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A Murphy Quiver

Rob Reed has been riding our boards now for a couple of years. Through discussions with friends, and fellow All Ride Surf Club members, Chris Miller, Jason Werbelow and Bob Scott, he has put together a small quiver that fills his needs.
* 9' Everyman's Squash (old faithful)
* 7'-6" Tri-Fin/Egg hybrid
* 9' Everyman's Squash (his new version)

And this is his son Finn. Looks like the La Costa Canyon High School Surf Team has a future goofy foot A team rider!

Murphy's at PB Surf Shop

PB Surf Shop is currently loaded with bran-spankin new Murphy surfboards. Stocked and ready. All shiny and purdy like. PB Surf Shop just went through an interior remodel - and it looks great! They have been in Pacific Beach for eons now and this new floor plan makes the shop even better than it was. Drop in and let Randy take care of you. They have a full range of Murphy boards along with a few sweet Skip Frye and G&S beauties. Nice organic tees and gear too.
Pick Your Weapon

Quiver of the Year Goes To... Kirk Waddell

Kirk Waddell, long time lover of the Murphy Shapes, sent these shots in to us with the email below. Really cool quiver. I was blown away at how many boards he has.

If you have a quiver to beat this - let us know. So far I think this takes the cake. Enjoy.


I was cleaning out the side yard/board storage area (the frequent flyers) and went ahead and pulled the rest out for some photos. I had to get on the 2nd story of the house to get them all in.

This is the accumlation of about 10 years with Dennis. I was used to shapers who needed a lot of direction when I first started with Dennis. Initially I'd give him pretty specific dimensions, which he'd occasionally get me to modify. Now I give him a general idea of what I want and let him have creative license. He's good and doesn't need my help! All the boards were new except the 10'er which was new, but in the used rack at a local shop. I couldn't stand the idea of someone else getting it, so now I have it. This is what I have now. If I had photos of all the boards I've gotten from Dennis in 10 years you'd need more memory on your computer.

Left to right. 9'competitor squash tail , 9' competitor squash tail (the clear one's a duplicate as I liked the green one so much I was afraid to be without one), 9' deeper V double barrel channel bottom round pin, 9' roundpin with a bonzer style bottom and fins, 9'2" RPNR (round pin nose rider) a Murphy standard, 9'2" RPNR resin tinted gloss polish finish, 9'3" Model "E" w/ 2 tone resin tint gloss polish finish developed by Dennis with Eric Sommer who moved on to work with Donald, 9'4" Predator gloss polish resin tint with swirl deck, 9'6" California Classic Resin tint w/resin swirl deck glass on fin and no leash plug, 10' triple stringer (1/4" redwood) volan glass heavy weight. My SS Murphy. On the ground. 7'3"quad egg, 7'10" bonzer style, 7'6" Enzo (pulled in egg), 7'9" squash "california gun" 7'5" pintail.

Included a few random shots of board detail just for fun.

Enjoy, Kirk/Catfish/ or Poodle.....depending on which beach I'm at that day


My Murphy Quiver - Mikey Brooker

Vintage Nectar

Here is a shot of a great example of a Murphy quiver. Sent in by long time friend Mikey Brooker. Mikey has been riding Murphy's for 20 years now. He is a long time OB surfer and local at Sunset Cliffs. The Nectar surf board was one he got used. It is one of the last few boards Dennis glassed when he was with Nectar Surfboards.

Thanks Mikey - and everyone else keep sending them in.

Balanced Quiver

It's nice to have a few board options in your garage as the conditions change. Here's a shot of Jason Werbelow's Murphy quiver. J lives in Carlsbad, but can be spotted gliding all over North County. He can ride just about anything. If you see a guy riding a barn door, and making the section, odds are it's him.
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